Our Bachelors and Bachelorettes

Our Elite Bachelors and Bachelorettes are sophisticated, attractive, successful and well-rounded and they all share one common goal…they’re looking to share their life with someone special! Our approach to matchmaking is very personalized and great care goes into every date we create.

If you’re a great match (or know a great match) we will take care of all the arrangements to coordinate an incredible first date. Fill out a confidential profile today and our staff will follow up with you for an interview.

Learn more about our featured Elite Bachelors and Bachelorettes below.

  • Bachelorette #1

    Bachelorette #1

    Bachelorette #1 is a mid-50s physician who is attractive, classy, well-travelled (she lived in London), successful, yet completely down to earth with a great sense of humor. She enjoys working out, volunteering, dining out (she's a borderline foodie!), cooking, skiing (both cross-country and downhill), opera, musicals, and a great glass of wine. A great partner for this bachelorette would be a man between 50-59 that is educated, professional, tall (but this is not a deal breaker), well-travelled, active, attractive and a man with a great sense of humor.

  • Bachelorette #2

    Bachelorette #2

    This bachelorette is 5'4" with stunning green eyes and brown hair. She works for the government and is adventurous, social, active, and optimistic. She has been married before and has not had children. She loves spending time outdoors hiking, gardening, skiing, kayaking, and road biking. She also enjoys photography. She likes to try new restaurants with friends, in addition to trying new activities in general! Although she is very active, this bachelorette appreciates down time as well spent crafting and reading. Some of her other interests include group events, watching live sports, volunteering, traveling, and attending performances (concerts, theater, ballet). She is looking to meet a man who can laugh at all the mysteries of life and is genuine, supportive, adventurous, and a good communicator.

  • Bachelorette #3

    Bachelorette #3

    This mid-40s bachelorette is not only smart, but beautiful and accomplished as well! 5'8", this brunette is dynamic, passionate, funny (she has a dry and sarcastic wit!), and very fit. She regularly practices karate and just returned from a trip to China where she worked with the best teachers to hone her skills. This bachelorette is an avid reader, loves football, and enjoys spending time on the beach or a boat. Her perfect man would be tall with sharp features, passionate, a great conversationalist, and a man who loves kids and football! She describes what she wants as "wanting to be wanted, but not needing to be needed". This energetic bachelorette needs a confident man!

  • Bachelorette #4

    Bachelorette #4

    Our sophisticated, smart and active Bachelorette is seeking a family-oriented, successful, and handsome Bachelor. She is a retired attorney, is a great mom and is looking to share her life with someone special. She enjoys the finer things in life, loves food, wine and the arts! She is very well-traveled (she lived in France!) and stays active. Men must be in their late 50s-early 60s, love the outdoors and enjoy skiing, hiking, and all that the Colorado mountains have to offer.

  • Bachelor #1

    Bachelor #1

    Bachelor #1 is a very successful, attractive business owner is looking for a woman 45-60 that is intelligent, sexy, confident, in shape, adventurous, and charismatic. He is well-travelled, cultured and has lived all over the world, he is tall and in shape (think movie star good looks!), and he is an amazing father. While he is looking for a beautiful woman, he is looking for her to be accomplished, classy, well-read, worldly, and comfortable in her skin. This bachelor is looking for the complete package!

  • Bachelor #2

    Bachelor #2

    This bachelor is 48 years old, standing over six feet with bright blue eyes and brown hair. An entrepreneur and filmmaker by profession, he is generous, passionate, intelligent, humble, and funny. He hasn't been married or had children but he'd be thrilled to meet a woman with or without kids from a previous relationship. Film is his biggest passion, but he loves to travel and explore the world. Other interests of his include practicing photography hiking, cooking/throwing dinner parties, working out, reading (Eastern philosophy & sci-fi), and traveling. He is looking to meet a woman who is creative, witty, confident, open minded, and compassionate. A woman with a unique and creative line of work would be ideal for this bachelor!

  • Bachelor #3

    Bachelor #3

    This bachelor is a brilliant and successful man who is looking for a committed relationship and/or marriage. He currently works as a prestigious research scientist with an emphasis on astronomy. After living all over the world, he now splits his time between a beautiful beach home in San Diego and a second home in Boulder. At 74, he is active and youthful, and at 5'8", stays fit by cross-country biking and skiing, practicing yoga, and swimming. In his free time, our bachelor loves dining at world class restaurants, soaking up culture, and cooking (he is an incredible cook and Italian food is his specialty). He is healthy, happy, physically fit, fun to be with, and has a great sense of humor. This bachelor loves to do things in the spur of the moment, for he is adventurous, spontaneous and lives life to the fullest. The right woman for this bachelor is between 55 and 70 that enjoys the finer things in life, a woman that is educated, healthy, active, beautiful, and a woman who loves to travel. A partner who would enjoy spending time with him at both of his homes is plus, but not a deal breaker.

  • Bachelor #4

    Bachelor #4

    This bachelor is new to Colorado by way of Austin! Standing 5'10" with an athletic build, he is a successful entrepreneur who is looking for a woman who is 24-31, petite, Christian, a college grad and a woman who enjoys the beauty of the outdoors! He is fun to be around, attractive, ambitious, and would love to get married and start a family. The perfect woman for this handsome bachelor is genuine, family oriented, smart (truly smart, not just book smart), unique, and a woman who has a little country in her! Although he enjoys city life and he has an urban flair, he would love town a ranch someday.