What are the costs associated with dating the Elite clients?
There is absolutely no cost or membership required to date our Elite clients. To be considered as a match, fill out a profile form and our office will review your information.

I just submitted my profile. What happens next?
Our office will contact you to schedule an interview if they believe you are a potential match for our Elite clients. We meet all potential matches in-person to discuss your profile.

Do I set up the date?
No, we take care of all date arrangements, including coordinating schedules, choosing a location and making reservations if necessary.

Who pays for the date?
The dates we arrange consist of drinks, coffee, lunch, dinner or even brunch. While many of our Elite clients may choose to pay for their date, we don’t make assumptions on who will pay.

Are your Elite clients all middle-aged men?
No, our Elite clients are both men and women and varying in age range from mid 20’s to late 60’s. 

Will I see photos of the Elite clients before our date?
Many of our Elite clients choose to date through our service because of the confidential nature of our search. Some Elite clients are open to sharing photos, it varies by client. If photos are not available to share, we will describe the client to you including physical and personality traits as well as hobbies and interests.

How successful are the dates you arrange?
Many of our dates result in second dates which have ultimately lead to marriages. When a romantic connection is not apparent, many clients simply find the act of meeting new and interesting people a success.