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Our Elite Bachelors and Bachelorettes are sophisticated, attractive, and successful. They also share one common goal: to share their lives with someone special. Our approach to matchmaking is very personalized and great care goes into every date we create. There are no algorithms or online profiles, just knowledge, skill and intuition.

If you're a great match (or know a great match), we will take care of all the arrangements needed to coordinate an incredible first date. Fill out a confidential profile today and our staff will follow up with you for an interview.

Learn more about our featured Elite Bachelors and Bachelorettes below.


This bachelor is 47, 5'8" with brown eyes and brown hair. An entrepreneur, he is a successful, intelligent, and active man who takes initiative! He hasn't been married or had children but he is looking for the right woman to start a family with. He loves being outdoors golfing, trail running, hiking, and boating. He considers himself a foodie and values fine dining experiences with friends. He is passionate about traveling and loves exploring vineyards; Italy is next on his bucket list. He has fun attending sporting events, concerts, and movies. Other interests include dancing, donating to preservation causes, and animals. The perfect match for him is a sophisticated woman who is playful, energetic, and social.


This stunning bachelorette is 49, 5'5", with dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes. A business owner in the medical field, she is divorced and has 3 wonderful children that she adores spending time with. She keeps her slim figure through yoga (she's a certified yoga teacher as a bonus!), and hiking. Other interests include a night out at the theater, traveling the world, cooking and entertaining in her home, and enjoying a great glass of wine. This bachelorette is fun, loyal, healthy, intelligent, caring and vivacious. She is looking for a man who is successful, outgoing, positive, balanced, and a man who loves to travel!


5'11" with piercing blue eyes and salt & pepper hair, this bachelor is a business owner and he is hardworking, reliable, and giving. He has three grown children from a previous marriage. He lives on 50 sprawling acres and loves time spent outdoors, especially exploring the mountains on weekend getaways. He loves a great beach vacation to the Caribbean as well! He enjoys fishing, motorcycle rides, and playing with his dogs. He is a big fan of live music and his favorite genres are classic rock and country. Other interests include barbequing for friends, watching football, movies, and traveling. He is looking to meet a down to earth woman who is honest, outdoorsy, and independent.


This lovable bachelorette is 50, 5'4" with brown eyes and blonde hair. She works in health insurance and is funny, successful, loyal, open-minded, and easygoing. She has been married before and has two grown children. She loves socializing with friends at live sporting events, theater performances, and concerts. She likes to read anything from historical books to the classics. She has fun traveling domestically and exploring abroad; she loved visiting England and Scotland. Other interests include going for walks, movies, and giving back. She is looking to meet a family oriented man who is intellectual, genuine, playful, and independent.


This bachelor is 6' tall with hazel eyes and brown hair. He works as a business owner/general contractor and is intelligent, kind, open-minded, successful, funny, and youthful. He is responsible for some of the more iconic buildings in Denver! He has two grown sons from a previous marriage. He enjoys working on and appreciating vintage cars and motorcycles. He considers himself a foodie and loves both cooking and trying up-and-coming restaurants. He enjoys getting outdoors for walks with his dog, camping, dirt biking, and off-roading. Other interests of include watching sporting events, taking weekend getaways, and attending live music performances. He is looking to meet a woman who is happy, positive, confident, and open-minded.


At 38, this pretty bachelorette stands 5'9" with brown eyes and dark blonde hair. A physician, she is thoughtful, sweet, intelligent, and funny. She hasn't been married or had children but she is looking for the right man to start the next chapter of her life. She loves being active outdoors playing tennis, hiking, biking, running, and skiing. She values quality time with friends and family and likes to cook and entertain! She enjoys reading and traveling. She is looking to meet a man with integrity and strong values who is grounded, successful, and self-assured.


6'2" with brown eyes and brown hair, this bachelor works as an executive in the oil and gas industry and is genuine, emotionally intelligent, affectionate, and a life learner. He has three children from a previous marriage. He loves spending time outdoors hiking, biking, and especially enjoying a nice sunset! Other interests of his include dining out, watching sports, attending concerts, and experiencing live theater events. In his downtime, he likes to walk his dogs (an animal lover!), read, and appreciate a nice glass of wine. He likes traveling as well, for both leisure and adventure. The right match for this bachelor is a woman with a zest for life who is genuine, active, down to earth, affectionate, and a strong communicator.


56 years old, 5'3" with blue eyes and reddish-brown hair, this bachelorette is an engineer with a great personality! She is driven, intelligent, kind, active and has a fun and witty sense of humor. She has two grown children from a previous marriage. She values time spent outdoors; she loves water activities and hiking. She is a foodie and likes to cook and dine out. She enjoys experiencing the arts through an eclectic taste in music (enjoys San Rap, hip hop), Opera, theater, and independent films. Other interests include international travel, gardening, sporting events (especially baseball!), and working out with a personal trainer to stay in great shape. She is looking to meet a man with an equally good sense of humor who is ambitious, open minded, respectful, classy and genuine.