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Our Elite Bachelors and Bachelorettes are sophisticated, attractive, and successful. They also share one common goal: to share their lives with someone special. Our approach to matchmaking is very personalized and great care goes into every date we create. There are no algorithms or online profiles, just knowledge, skill and intuition.

If you're a great match (or know a great match), we will take care of all the arrangements needed to coordinate an incredible first date. Fill out a confidential profile today and our staff will follow up with you for an interview.

Learn more about our featured Elite Bachelors and Bachelorettes below.


He is a tousle-haired surfer who splits his time between Maui and Silicon Valley. He is a doting father of three with a heart of gold. He has a deeply spiritual side to him, resulting in profound empathy for others with a sincere lack of judgment. Tenured in forgiveness and self-awareness, he is sure to bring his genuine self to any relationship. He seeks a meaningful connection with a naturally beautiful woman, who balances strength and femininity with ease. He is the kind of man that values your moral compass over your measurements; he is a rare gem.


She will blow you away with her unbelievable physique, a direct result (and blessing) from training 3x per week, and daily hikes with her sweetheart of a dog. If Meg Ryan went the cerebral route - publishing, writing, and CEO-ing - this would be her. She is a superb balance of independence and feminine warmth, with undeniable confidence that lights up a room. A conversation with her will light up all areas of your brain, but you will find yourself unusually distracted by a genuine smile that enchants. Blue eyes and blonde hair are the icing on the cake of a petite woman who stands tall with grace, wit, and sensuality. Despite her elegance and IQ, she somehow remains down to earth and relatable, all qualities that she would find appealing in a partner.


This bachelor is a rugged outdoorsman; he once spent an entire summer living in the wild utilizing his background in Science and survival. He is an eclectic mix of masculine athleticism and emotional intelligence. He has a keen eye for nature photography, with a strong work ethic instilled by immigrant parents. Though he has no children, he certainly knows how to connect with youth as he lent his knowledge to the teaching world for many years before retiring. He is a gifted communicator, likely one of the few that still prefers your voice over a text.


She is a blue-eyed angel who received her MBA in engineering from a top 10 school. She is the melding of beauty and brains, often referenced, but rarely exemplified so wonderfully. Her long and lean build lends to her sporty nature, and her sense of adventure propels her athleticism. She is an avid off-road motorcycling enthusiast, who isn't afraid to go off the grid, though she is wild about tech and innovation. You could easily find her in a boardroom doling out wisdom, or building a baby crib for her new grandchild; she has what it takes to keep up with anyone. The twinkle in her eyes will you draw you in, and her zest for life will ignite you. There is nothing ordinary about this charming woman. Her ideal mate would think of himself similarly, but be too modest to say it out loud.


Upon first glance, he is a tall drink of water, but in reality, he is so much more than that. He redefines chivalry in an era of shamefully low manner and grace. He is refined without effort, yet feels at home in the most opposing of settings. He can be found at the Opera enjoying a night on the town, or directing a construction crew on the grounds of a billion-dollar project. He evokes traditional courtliness and has no fear of culinary adventure. He loves to entertain at his home in San Francisco, but his palate will settle for three-star Michelin any time. What he would truly savor in life is the companionship of a loyal and communicative partner.


She is a fiery VP who knows finance like the back of her hand. She is worldly, and in her short years has acquired knowledge on a wide array of subject matter. Her unique interests include topics such as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. Her long flowing black hair and soft features compliment her hourglass frame. Her strong sense of fashion only compliments her beautiful figure further. She can be straightforward and assertive when necessary, but the real her is playful and exuberant. She seeks a man with similar career wherewithal, who knows exactly the kind of devoted woman he wants and deserves.


When he isn't gallivanting about Stockholm, Milan, or some other exotic locale, he can be found seeking new projects to invest in or charitable causes near and dear to him. His number one passion in life is family, and he loves to show the people that matter to him a good time, but more importantly, how valued they are. He treats his Mother with the reverence and gentleness she deserves, which exemplifies his deep sense of respect for women. He wishes to find a kind-hearted and playful woman he can treasure, whom also longs to start a family. Perhaps the kids will inherit his hazel eyes and dark hair.


She holds court in a room filled with the best of the best tech minds, or courtside with sports fans dishing out stats. Her expertise in football and all its intricacies pales in comparison to her actual athletic gifts that allow her to play hockey, volleyball, and scuba dive. Not only is her weekend life fascinating, her day to day career in architecture keeps her fulfilled and traveling often. She is not one to sit still or settle in any area of life. The contrast of her rich dark brown hair and ivory complexion make her hard to miss, and tough to resist. She admires individuals who are not afraid to be themselves, talk politics, or be whimsical and light. Her free spirit and banter keep you on your toes.....if you can keep up.